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I spent the fourth day in Paleochora.  This is a beach resort town which, according to the Lonely Planet travel guide, was ‘discovered by hippies’.  It does have a hippie vibe to it, and is very laid back.  There is a huge and apparently quite organised camping site towards the west of the town.

My initial plan was to walk along the E4 European Walking Path, but several things defeated my original intention.  Firstly, although I had read a travel guide and bought a map, I was not sure I had actually found the correct walking path. There was no signposting,  however intently I looked.  I found a path which wound uphill by the seaside and followed the rugged coastline.  I was not alone: I found what had been described as ‘the elusive kri kri’ (wild mountain goats).  These little goats were not elusive at all; they were quite happily trotting down towards the beach, and not in the least bit startled to see people.

The intense heat and the fact that I was not sure whether I had found the correct walking path, the E4, made me reconsider.  I ended up swimming in the sea for the whole afternoon.  There were parasols and loungers for rent, and a kantina with very friendly patrons who could sell you snacks, beverages or a salad or a sandwich, so I had a brilliant time there.

In the end, I found out that the path I followed had been the correct one, so I could have gone on walking to find an archaeological site and other beautiful beaches.  I was not too bothered by the fact that I did not continue walking towards the ancient ruins.  I had a perfect afternoon and then enjoyed the walk back to Paleochora, which has very nice places to have a drink and have a supper of Mezedes.

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I moved on to Rethymnon on day number 3.  Rethymnon is a small city with a very picturesque old town and beach resorts extending towards the outskirts.  I took a stroll around the postcard-perfect streets in the old town whilst enjoying a rich and creamy frozen yoghurt.   Then, I went to the Venetian fortress overlooking the city, and visited the huge site, which encompasses an open-air theatre, a mosque, and a couple of small churches, all overlooking the sea with stunning views.

Following that, I went to the beach, and in the late afternoon I had a lovely meal by the seaside.  My hotel for the night, Casa Vitae, was fabulous.  They received me with a shot of Raki and were incredibly friendly.  The room was comfortable and spacious, and I particularly appreciated the massive bathtub built into what was a chimney.  A cool bath to end a long hot day was an absolute joy!

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